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This series of novels is aimed at children in the 9 – 15 age grouping, intended to widen their horizons and take them away from computer screens. Each adventure is set in a different part of the world.  Woven through the excitement and danger of the Petersen family's clashes with baddies are glimpses of the history, peoples and wild life of the various regions. The stories are readable, exciting, and believable. Baddies are found and brought to justice, and the children experience action-filled adventures. At the same time, emotional developments are experienced and occasional family tensions are resolved.

The stories, accompanied by maps and illustrations, deal with kidnappers in England; pirates on the seas between Cape Town and the Comoros; poachers in Botswana and Zimbabwe;  stock thieves in the far south of New Zealand; and smugglers on the Pacific island of Samoa.

Forthcoming titles concern art forgers in Hong Kong and crooked gold dealers in Australia.

Well-written, exciting and fast-moving, these are about today’s youth caught up in real, present-day predicaments. Subtly woven into the narratives are the sensibilities of early adolescents in their relationships with adults and with each other. … These enthralling and fast-moving tales make enjoyable gifts for any young readers.

Petal Johnson Literary critic and reviewer Mosgiel, New Zealand

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