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A Petersen Family Adventure in Zimbabwe


The Petersens set out on a game-viewing safari through Botswana and Zimbabwe, but their plans have to be altered when they fall foul of a group of people operating a multi-faceted poaching racket.  Endangered animals are being killed for their tusks and horns. When they are attacked, the Petersens call for help from the Endangered Species Protection Unit of the South African Police. Before help arrives, the family has to overcome attempts to force them into a road accident and to consume them in a raging wild fire.

A night-time 4×4 race with the armed poachers through the African bush ends with smashed trucks and bullets flying…

Author: N.A.M. Welch
Series: The Petersen Family Adventures, Book 3
Genres: Adventure, Survival, Camping, Young Teen Fiction
Publisher: Byronhurst Publishers
Publication Year: 2014

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