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N.A.M. Welch was born and raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), in a farming and cattle ranching setting. He trained as a teacher and worked as a journalist, then returned to farm life, growing tea in the Honde Valley in the mountainous eastern region of the country. He studied building construction and yacht design in the evenings. However, he and his family were displaced from their home by political turmoil and civil war, after which he spent some time in the Army.  When peace returned he became a building contractor and yacht designer / boat-builder. After a further dislodgement by political upheavals in Zimbabwe, he moved with his family to New Zealand. He worked again in the building industry until he retired and returned to writing.

Graham Radue illustrated the first four books whilst Smugglers Sunk! was illustrated by Janine Greaves.

The cover paintings are by Rose Margaret.

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