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A Petersen Family Adventure in England


Andy is kidnapped whilst horse-riding with his friend near Maidstone, in Kent, England, and held first in an old quarry and then in an empty farmhouse. He realizes that his captors have mistaken him for his friend, the son of a wealthy businessman. He wonders what will happen to him if the kidnappers discover their mistake.

While he is imprisoned at the Old Quarry, Andy leaves cryptic clues and hopes his family will be able to read them. The story tells of Andy’s attempts to escape and his family’s efforts to free him. The finale includes a police car-and-motorcycle chase through the city, led by a young policewoman whose off-duty passion is motorcycle stunt-riding.

Author: N.A.M. Welch
Series: The Petersen Family Adventures, Book 1
Genres: Adventure, Survival, Young Teen Fiction
Publisher: Byronhurst Publishers
Publication Year: 2014

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