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"I really enjoyed these cracking stories: they are exactly the kind of thing I would have devoured as a child … They are meticulously researched and have a goodly amount of information included which should appeal to older boys. There is always a level of danger and excitement that is appealing; … the children are always taken seriously and there is a total absence of sexism: everyone is a person of worth and dignity who has a part to play in the story. And this is accomplished without any feeling of it being forced or artificial. I would be delighted to read them to a class of children or to recommend them for private reading."

- Heather Taylor, Retired Head Teacher, Maidstone, England

"These rollicking stories are guaranteed to fire up the imagination of teens and pre-teens, broadening their horizons beyond the screens of computer games. Setting the action in different parts of the world, author Neil Welch further stimulates the reader’s curiosity by spicing up the tales with colourful backgrounds, practical advice and diagrams – right down to sailing boat construction and design in Pirates Plot. Rustlers Rout gives very helpful tips on map reading and hiking safety.

Whilst giving an exciting and nail-biting read, the stories are educational and informative, highlighting serious international problems that plague us all today and will affect the adults of tomorrow, with glimpses of the history of the regions and issues.

Reading these Petersen Family Adventures is exciting, informative and fun."

- Martin Rushmere, former Kirkus book reviewer, San Francisco, .California

"Well-written, exciting and fast-moving, these … are about today’s youth caught up in real, present-day predicaments. Subtly woven into the narratives are the sensibilities of early adolescents in their relationships with adults and with each other. … These enthralling and fast-moving tales make enjoyable gifts for any young readers."

- Petal Johnson, Literary critic and reviewer, Mosgiel, New Zealand

"I really liked (them) … the detail was fantastic, it really explained what was happening. The pictures and the maps gave you an insight into the world. I would like to read the whole series."

- Tim Jenkins (12), Colchester, England

"Being old enough to remember Blyton’s Famous Five … and John Buchan’s heroic adventurers … Neil Welch’s adventure novels proved a worthy successor in the genre of novels for young readers. (With) exotic locales and breathless adventure, all the novels offer an exceptionally good read as they relate their ‘ripping yarns’. Narratives are convincing in terms of plot, and involve the reader in an extraordinary range of adventures. … They are fast-paced, entertaining thrillers drawing younger readers into finely honed narratives, well illustrated by Graham Radue. One looks forward to the next installment."

- David Hoskins, Media scholar and writer, Otago, New Zealand

"(These)  fast paced and entertaining but believable stories have well developed characters and a wealth of factual information. … Neil Welch’s knowledge and understanding of his locales brings an extra dimension to these rollicking good tales. The interaction of adult and teen characters adds a further layer to each well crafted story. … These are real people caught up in real crime. Clever line drawings by Graham Radue support the stories. … These are just the books needed in our school libraries. Young people 8-14 are going to be thrilled with these."

- Joan Adams, Teacher/Teacher Librarian, Otago, New Zealand

"Really good. I read each of them in one go. When will the next one be ready?"

- Sean Stenhouse (14), Dunedin, New Zealand

"(Neil Welch has) written something that ought to tempt the most reluctant reader. … Plenty of action, lots of techie stuff and satisfactory endings. I found the stories real page-turners. "

- Mary Elliott, former Advisory Librarian, Suffolk Schools Library Service, England

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